About the NJRA

The New Jersey Redevelopment Authority (NJRA) is a state redevelopment financing authority committed to revitalizing urban New Jersey.  As urban experts, we customize project financing to invest financial resources into redevelopment projects that enhance New Jersey's cities.  The NJRA offers a host of financial resources to support urban redevelopment.

We create valuable partnerships and foster collaboration to leverage both public and private resources for project development. We recognize that our concept and approach require a high level of commitment that remains consistent until projects are brought to fruition.

Our approach to community-based economic development is unique.  We focus our efforts into development initiatives where the community is an active participant in what is taking place in their neighborhoods.

We provide valued technical assistance and support that builds community capacity by strengthening neighborhood cultures.  This attracts and maintains development opportunities to sustain neighborhoods.  Our training programs prepare community development organizations and nonprofits focused on urban revitalization to carry out economic development initiatives.