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Board Members

The Authority consists of 21 members (10 specified ex-officio cabinet members, 7 specified appointees of the Governor, 2 appointees of the Senate President and 2 appointees of the Assembly Speaker). The Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs serves as the Chairman of the Authority.

2015 NJRA Board Members

Ex-Officio Members

Charles Richman, Commissioner
Department of Community Affairs

John Jay Hoffman, Acting Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General

David C. Hespe, Commissioner
Department of Education

Bob Martin, Commissioner
Department of Environmental Protection

Mary E. O’Dowd, MPH, Commissioner
Department of Health

Jennifer Elizabeth Connelly, Acting Commissioner
Department of Human Services

Harold J. Wirths, Commissioner
Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Jamie Fox, Commissioner
Department of Transportation

Andrew P. Sidamon-Eristoff, Treasurer
Department of Treasury

Melissa Orsen,CEO
Economic Development Authority

Public Members

Barry E. Vankat
William Sumas
B. Harold Smick, Jr.
Cosmo J. Iacavazzi
Harold Nafash