OPRA: Open Public Records Act

Request for Government Records

A request for a government record may be submitted to the Division that holds the record(s) without going through the OPRA process (and without filling out the Government Records Request Form). The Government Records Request Form is only to be used if you want to submit an OPRA request.

What's the difference?

An OPRA request provides a written record of your request and requires that the Department's Records Custodian will respond to the request within 7 business days. Additionally, OPRA provides the public with a means of appealing the Department's decision to withhold a government record.

If your request is for a routinely requested (and released record) there is no need to apply through OPRA. Simply contact the Division that holds the record and submit your request. If you are denied access to a government record, you may apply for the record through OPRA.

Applying for a Government Record through OPRA

If you know the Division within the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority that holds the record(s) you are seeking, fill out the Government Records Request Form submit it to the appropriate Division. The form may be hand delivered, mailed, faxed, or submitted electronically.

Please note that if you submit a request for a government record that contains personal information, the request form must be signed. Subsequently, a request form requesting personal information, which is submitted electronically will be mailed back to you for signature. It would be more expedient to either reserve the use of the electronic submittal to records that do not contain personal information, or submit such requests personally, via mail, or fax.

Click below for the Government Records Request Form:

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