On-Site Training

NJRA RTI Onsite Training

On-Site Training


Address Development Challenges Through Redevelopment Education!

NJRA RTI on-site training offers the same expert instruction as our public sessions, but are conducted at your preferred location.  We will assess your redevelopment goals and develop materials and a customized course based on your needs.  This training will offer your staff the opportunity to engage in a dynamic learning environment that is both convenient and cost-effective.

 The on-site training  provided through NJRA RTI will enable your development staff to acquire skills that will promote growth and knowledge to facilitate redevelopment activities in your communities. This invaluable resource will provide key "problem solvers" with the necessary tools to make redevelopment goals a reality. 

Municipal Consultations

In partnership with industry experts the Redevelopment Training Institute can provide you with one-on-one consultation services to ensure that your municipality's redevelopment goals are achieved. Let NJRA assist you with your redevelopment plans and projects.

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