NJRA Training Institute

NJRA created the Training Institute (TI) in 2006 and it offers a multitude of intensive workshops in the areas of project finance, tax abatements, redevelopment planning law, tax credits, CDBG and Home Funds, and more. Since its creation, TI has trained over 2,000 attorneys, planners, elected officials, developers, and nonprofits from nine states across the country. In 2016, TI celebrated its tenth anniversary. 

In keeping with NJRA’s creative community investment strategy, TI has initiated the Comprehensive Real Estate Development Class and Tour (CRED) where participants use a case study approach to learn the fundamentals of real estate development using real development projects as a backdrop for the concepts, applications, and discussions focused on redevelopment.

 TI offers intensive intermediate-level training courses, which focus on development and redevelopment fundamentals, topics and issues. The TI is designed to provide nonprofit and for-profit developers, professional consultants, licensed practitioners, entrepreneurs and city/state/county staff with a body of knowledge of the redevelopment and real estate development process. Classes, which focus on urban and suburban mixed used and commercial communities, are offered in half day, full day and multi-day courses with the goal of providing case driven real life example instruction resulting in an enhanced level of knowledge for participants to be better engaged in the redevelopment and planning process. 

The TI has become a nationally recognized and regionally accredited training program centered on the intricacies of the redevelopment process.

Classes are offered regionally across the State of New Jersey, but can also be customized to your organizations needs and delivered at your location.

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