NJRA Accepting Proposals for Website Redesign

The New Jersey Redevelopment Authority is engaging in a process to redesign our Website. Full RFP Details/Requirements can be found athttps://www.njra.us/media/News_release/NJRA Website RFP.pdf

Major tasks are as follows:


The contractor shall be an experienced web design firm that will evaluate, design, format, develop and implement a new user friendly, including mobile device compatible, web presence for the NJRA. The consultant shall build into the new website a Content Management System (CMS), design the website with the look, feel and navigation to be more visually attractive and responsive with social media, provide website content migration services to transfer existing website content to the new website, and provide on-site training and technical support service.


Part 1: Minimum requirements

The following are the minimum threshold requirements that will be utilized for solicitation of persons and/or firms to be considered for the above and shall have and/or possess:


·       Experience in upgrading websites and adding a Content Management System using technical best practices and industry standards for programming and coding and site security

  • Experience in designing the look, feel and the navigation of websites to be more visually attractive, more user-friendly, and to be able to interact with social media
  • Experience in transferring website content between websites
  • Provide staff to include Project managers or team leaders to separately staff the projects and work tasks
  • Experience providing on-site training and technical support involving the use and operation of new websites


Respondents shall provide individual or corporate resumes or portfolios as a response to this request for minimum qualifications.


Part 2: Fee proposal for website design services for the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority.


Respondents shall provide fees for each specific item listed below as well as hourly or per diem fees for other services or types of activities.


Scope of Work, Tasks 1-6, and total consultant costs shall not exceed the amount of $15,000.00.


The NJRA requires the vendor to provide the following services:


Task 1: Website Upgrade with Content Management System, Registration and Payment Capabilities


The website was developed in HTML and operates via a content management system powered by EvoGov.Currently the NJRA updates and revises its website content in-house for basic updates and through the developer for more complex tasks.


The NJRA wants to have the ability to post information directly to its website as well as revise and re-arrange existing content featured on the website pages. Pursuant to this, the consultant shall provide an appealing and professional WordPress template or similar based, mobile-friendly platform consisting of web pages and sub- pages that allows Owner management of content, including but not limited to the ability to add and remove images, edit text, and add and remove downloadable and viewable files, edit event calendar etc. 


The NJRA Training Institute hosts a number of events throughout the year and registrants can range from 50 attendees and under to more than 100 attendees. The NJRA would like the ability for participants to register and pay the registration fees for these events directly via the website using either a native function or widget/app. 



Task 2: Website Design to be Mobile-Responsive and More Visually Attractive


The consultant shall design and format the website with the look, feel and navigation so that the website has the ability to interact with mobile devices. It should integrate social media links into the website.Install links to social media channels currently being utilized by NJRA including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Work with NJRA to edit the content as needed to make the content keyword rich to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


The consultant shall develop for the website two (2) new graphic designs and interfaces for review tomake the website visually more attractive for approval by the client. NJRA will choose one design and have the ability to make edits throughout the design stage process to ensure the overall look and navigation are successful. Create and integrate dynamic home page graphics. Develop the site navigation architecture as needed.


The website should have the ability to include blog /news components.


The consultant shall submit a preliminary draft or sample illustrations of the two new graphic design formats, the dynamic homepage graphics, and related information for review and comment by the NJRA and make revisions to the design selected by the client as deemed necessary.


Task 3: Website Content Migration


The consultant shall provide professional website content migration services to transfer the website content from the current website to the new website. Most or all of the existing content shall be transferred to the new website and properly organized.


Task 4: Maintain E-Mail Communications Capabilities


Maintain e-mail communications capabilities with New Jersey Redevelopment Authority staff e-mailaddresses or a catch-all Info@njra.us email address.


Task 5: Provide On-site Training and Technical Support Service


The consultant shall provide on-site training, post launch consisting of up to eight (8) hours of training upon site launch, then one additional training session within the first four (4) months, date to be determined with selected vendor. The consultant shall provide technical support services for four (4) months post launch. The consultant shall resolve any technical problems that may occur with theoperation of the new website.

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